So now, when we deal with our children, we should know that they are just like Shri Ganesh; they are very innocent, very simple - except in cases, sometimes, they are affected by some things and they lose their moorings. But Shri Ganesha's greatest contribution to Sahaja Yoga is that He makes you feel My vibrations. He makes you feel the beauty of purity and simplicity. Only possible if Shri Ganesha is awakened within you. Also the Kundalini won't rise without the sanction of this Chancellor. He's the One sitting on Mooladhara, but you should know He's on every chakra. Innocence cures all the maladies - physical, mental, emotional, especially the spiritual one. But Shri Ganesha's quality, the most important is that He believes in emitting vibrations. He believes in projecting His vibrations to everyone - that is the quality now I feel all of you as Sahaja Yogis can use.

10 September 1995, Shree Ganesha Puja talk, Cabella, Italy