You can do marvels and miracles if you have developed the understanding of love.


Wisdom means that it gives you detachment, detachment from all that is selfishness, self-centredness, self-obsession, ego – all connected with self.


First of all, learn to laugh at yourself. That’s the best way to enjoy yourself, you know, and not to spend much time in the mirror, that’s another way.


Wisdom doesn’t mean that you know how to argue things or you fight with people. No, it doesn’t mean that. Wisdom means how you take to the good side of everything to enjoy it....


Enjoyment is only possible when you are beyond your mind.


If love is killed, joy is lost. You cannot have joy without love.


There’s only one pure desire and that is to be one with the Divine.


Wisdom you don’t get in colleges, schools, universities, nowhere. Where do you get it, the wisdom? You get it through your spirit, which gives you a complete idea as to what is ...


Before knowing the truth, if you depend on your intelligence, you can be misled completely. Intelligence that is without the spiritual insight is your own ego. After Realization, t...


It is important to learn that love is your life, love is spirituality.


By meditation we develop that strength within us, so automatically we start solving the problem.


How to do meditation, many people ask. Don’t do anything, just go into thoughtless awareness. Try to go to the thoughtless awareness. If you can get into that condition of tho...


The best way to be with your spirit is to forgive.


Whatever you have to say, you say it from your heart.


But the quality of human beings is only one – and that is how much they love and forgive.


The attention is to be kept pure. In Sahaja Yoga you know all the methods how the attention, one can keep it pure. If the attention is not pure, then this desire will be always a...


You should get completely detached about everything and you will enjoy, just enjoy. But in that also, one has to judge. Are you really enjoying or are you just making a drama out...


Once you are thoughtless, you are in the realm of the Divine. And then the Divine takes charge and It will start emitting such beautiful vibrations that you’ll be amazed at your...


The reality is that you are the spirit. The rest is a myth.


The most difficult part is to convince a human being that in the entire creation, he is the most highly evolved being; that he is capable of becoming a glorious personality, a beau...