Forget all the bad things, because no use remembering bad things, no use thinking of them. Because of forgiveness you can always forget the bad things and if you remember the good...


Speaking in the sweet manner is very important. Some people think it is smart to speak in a rude manner or is very intelligent to shout on people, but no one likes this kind of a ...


Your own attention is important, not the attention of others or your attention on others.


So to have peace, the best way to put your mind right is to think of good things. Think of the flowers, not of the thorns. What good things others have done to you, what good thi...


You have to develop that peace of mind within yourself by which you can become the witness of yourself first. You should be able to witness yourself and see what are the things, w...


The ascent is the aim of your life and to perfect it is your job.


Witness state is not a mental state, it is a state of a spiritual ascent where you become a witness. Best way to practice witness state is not to criticize anyone.


Attention has to be concentrated upon your Spirit. Then you become the best instrument, your attention very powerful.


Matter can never give you joy. It’s the Spirit that gives you joy.


Innocence never gets destroyed because it is eternal, but it may happen that it will get covered with some clouds by our mistakes that we commit. But once you get your Realization...


The fun is created only through innocence and innocence is the only way you can really emit also the fun. Imagine this world without any fun, what would happen?


A person who is innocent is extremely humble.


The attention has to be on the Spirit. And that cannot be there unless and until something happens within.


Once you start growing in your self-realization, you develop such a personality that you see the whole world as one.


Without transformation, you have no meaning.


Put your attention on positivity and not on negativity.


Man in his madness doesn’t realize that God has made him from amoeba to this stage for some purpose. There is a big purpose behind it. And the purpose is that now you have to kno...


What you have to do as soon as you know about somebody, then you have to think what goodness he has got, how can I imbibe that goodness within myself?


There is no need to condemn yourself in any way, or to elate yourself, but just be your Spirit. The best way to be with your Spirit is to forgive.


Fanaticism comes through blindness and the truth comes through realization.