We are on this earth to become the Spirit, to be a channel of God’s love and above all, to enter into the Kingdom of God.


You have to know the truth, not mentally, but on your central nervous system, on your fingertips.


The time has come for all of you to get your self-realization, by which your attention becomes enlightened, your health gets completely all right, your mental processes are sensibl...


When you stand in the present, you become thoughtlessly aware. And this state is the first state you achieve, and this is the state where you become absolutely peaceful within your...


Innocence is the source of love.


You might be anything. You might be having any organization, you might be having any position in life, you might be any great personality, makes no difference to God. What is impor...


The main thing is, you have to be under the protection of spirituality, under the protection of morality, under the protection of Divine Laws. If you’re not under that protection...


If your body wants comfort, you try to make it learn to give up that. Try to make your body your slave and not you the slave of the body.


Open your hearts, open your hearts, then only you can enjoy yourself.


You should be a pleasing personality. Instead of thinking about how you should be pleased, I don’t like this, I don’t do like that, instead of, what have I done to please other...


To please the Divine, our character, our behavior should be absolutely clean.


The essence of love is concern.


Whatever you have to have, try to have something which is handmade.


How to get rid of the greed is the point and to get rid of the greed is that if I buy something – for whom should I buy this one, for whom should I buy? Ah, this will be all righ...


In the west the problem is more of ego, not of superego and for ego, to accept that you have ego is the only way and then it will drop out. If you know there is ego, ego will drop ...


What is the greatest thing in us is our Spirit, is the Spirit that we have and we should know that we should be proud of it that we have got the Spirit within us. And if you become...


If a person doesn’t have a balance then he cannot achieve his ascent.


Wisdom you don’t get in colleges, schools, universities, nowhere. Where do you get it, the wisdom? You get it through your spirit, which gives you a complete idea as to what is r...


Meditating together is the best way to feel the collectivity.


Intellect is not wisdom one must understand. They’re two things – wisdom and intellect.