There is spirit within us, and the time has come for us to know the spirit.


Do everything in silence – not thinking – in thoughtless awareness.


Bliss can only come through gratitude. Only through enlarging your heart with gratitude. Bliss is the reward of gratitude.


Vanity kills bliss. Ego kills bliss.


Dignity is never arrogant. The sign of dignity is humility.


Sahaja Yoga is nothing but love, love, love. How much you love others is the main point. Despising, criticizing, is not good.


You have to create a world of people who love each other, for nothing. Not for money, not for positions, not for beauty, not for sex. Only for love’s sake, only because, you have...


Everywhere you are sitting in meditation you are transmitting vibrations, do you know that? At that time if you are thinking, say of your jobs and your other things which you have ...


Sahaja Yoga is a system by which you jump into the Truth itself. You become the Truth, you don’t see the Truth, you don’t understand the Truth, but you become the Truth. It is ...


If something has to spread collectively, then you have to understand that it has to be only love that is going to work it.


Innocence should be respected, looked after, nourished and protected.


As you are attached to someone you love, you should be attached to your Spirit.


You have to go beyond this mind. And to go beyond this mind the most helpful thing is Kundalini awakening.


If we cannot give that light, what is the use of enlightenment? “Enlightened” doesn’t mean the light for yourself only.


The aim of your life is to seek your Spirit.


At the very outset I have to tell you that truth is what it is. You cannot mold it, you cannot change it. It is always the same. It has been the same, it is the same, it will be th...


The religion has to be Spirit-oriented, but it is only power-oriented or money-oriented. In the original scriptures, or we can say in the origin of this religion was the truth. And...


The truth is that you are not this body, mind, these emotions, intellect, ego, superego, but you are the pure Spirit.


Now by knowing absolute truth you understand each other much more. That means a collective consciousness, a new dimension in your awareness. You can feel others on your finger tips...


Joy is a singular experience. Is not like happiness and unhappiness.